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                     GuangXi CAU FuYu International Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

GuangXi CAU FuYu International Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the CAU FuYu) is located in Yulin City, colorful garden modern agricultural demonstration zone, is by the China Agricultural University, Fortis and Yulin City Jade East District Construction Investment Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of the modern agriculture high-tech service enterprises.

"Colorful garden" agriculture Carnival in 2015 New Year's day the park opened, is a core project of CAU FuYu company's first investment operations, the agricultural sightseeing project planning by the agricultural research planning science and technology China Agricultural University, Yulin City Jade East District construction implementation, through the design and construction of Beijing rich peasants gardening Limited company, the total construction area of 30067.2 square meters, is at present, the main area of the largest agricultural Carnival project, which involves many varieties, using the technology of wide, hitherto unknown in the domestic and foreign agricultural Carnival project, to show the modern agricultural development prospects and broad social and economic value, to promote the modernization of agriculture China, precision industry, intelligent navigation process.

Yulin agricultural Carnival main building consists of 4 buildings of intelligent greenhouse and building 1 seedling span arch shed, single building, covering an area of 7372.8 square meters, multi span greenhouse using is fully covered with glass and greenhouse canopy height of 6m, the top high 6.8m. Greenhouse setting sun shading system, internal shading system, wet curtain wind machine cooling system, natural ventilation system, circulating fan system, lighting system, heating system, greenhouse power system etc., and an additional networking system, intelligent control system, provide best growing environment for plant growth. City of Yulin, participation, experience vegetable organic display four venues within the partition plate features a clear, planting and landscape design fusion as a whole, inside the stadium landscape design were to "melon color world", "agricultural high tech" and "bumper harvest" and "Yu Lin wind" as the theme, the stadium with "spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, four color spatial layout, covers the agricultural science and technology, agriculture, culture, education, and fully embodies the modern agricultural interest, knowledge, science and technology and innovation, from a new perspective to interpret the display the same agronomic landscape to attract and surrounding a large number of tourists come to visit and tour. Only in 2015 New Year's day, Spring Festival two holidays, the number of visitors reached 338000 people, in the local achieved good social and economic benefits, China Agricultural University, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and other leaders of the high degree of attention and affirmation.