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Guangxi "colorful garden" overall planning


Guangxi "colorful garden" characteristics of modern agricultural demonstration zone according to the general requirements of national modern agricultural development and Guangxi characteristics of modern agricultural demonstration zone construction, according to scientific planning, highlight the characteristics, reasonable layout, unified guidance, step by step implementation of the principle and characteristics of fruit, medical herbs, fruits and vegetables, leisure and other for key industries, 5-7 years of time, a high starting point, high standard, high level construction scale, standardization, industrialization, brand degree higher new characteristics of modern agricultural model district, the colorful garden characteristics of modern agricultural demonstration zone construction is:

1, Yulin City, urban agriculture function development of the first district

2, the core area of agricultural cooperation Experimental Zone in the two sides of the Taiwan Straits

3, Guangxi urban and rural integration of ecological new area, beautiful countryside"

4, "China - ASEAN" modern characteristic agriculture demonstration area

The final realization of the five:

1, the characteristics of modern agriculture.

2, new urbanization.

3, the comprehensive reform of rural color

4, the rural ecological environment.

5, the farmers happy life color