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Ke Bingsheng to attend the Beijing World Potato Congress and to do the subject report

发布时间:2015/7/28 发布者:管理员



On July 28, the headmaster Ke Bing were invited to participate in the 2015 Beijing World Potato Congress, and to the Chinese agriculture development and food security in theme report.

The World Potato Congress began in 1993, held once every three years, aims to provide new ideas and methods for the development of potato industry, and promote the development of human food security through mutual exchange and information sharing. The General Assembly held in Beijing, Yanqing, Ke Bingsheng as the General Assembly invited delegates.

Ke Bingsheng in the report on how to determine the situation of agricultural development, what is now the main challenge is what, how to ensure the future of food security, the three aspects of China's agricultural development and food security issues. Ke Bingsheng pointed out that China's annual production of agricultural products, the potato has always been to coordinate with rice, wheat, corn and soybeans as food, so that the general situation of China's agriculture and food security through the introduction of the general assembly, the general assembly to discuss potato issues play a reference role. Ke Bingsheng introduced in the report, China's agricultural development in recent years, but the protection of agricultural products supply and demand balance and the national food security situation is still grim, can continue to strengthen domestic production capacity, and continuously improve food conversion efficiency, and gradually guide the consumption structure adjustment, appropriate imports to make up for the lack of domestic production and other efforts to ensure that China's national food security problems.