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Chinese Nongda City Hall signed a cooperation agreement with Yulin

发布时间:2015/4/20 发布者:管理员


April 16th, China Agricultural University and Yulin municipal government cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in Yulin. Ke Bingsheng, vice president of China Agricultural University, Zhang Jianhua, Yulin mayor Su Haitang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Li Changguan, Yulin Normal University, Wei Guangxiong, deputy secretary of the Party committee of attended the signing ceremony.

Ke Bingsheng, Su Haitang, respectively, on behalf of China Agricultural University, Yulin Municipal People's government signed a cooperation agreement.

To leveraging the talents and promote more cooperation projects to take root in Yulin, the our city and the China Agricultural University several friendly negotiation, with the purpose of resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development principles, the two sides reached cooperation agreement.

Agreement, the two sides jointly explore and deepen the comprehensive rural reform, to jointly promote the construction of Yulin City Modern Agriculture Demonstration District, to jointly promote the "colorful garden" of modern agriculture (core) demonstration zone of agricultural Carnival project construction, jointly supported by the Key Laboratory of agricultural construction, joint construction of Professor workstation, together to build a modern agriculture science and technology small courtyard, jointly organized the project to declare the work, jointly carry out continuing education and training, jointly establish students out of school education and teaching practice base and rural economic and social fixed observation point, jointly establish student employment base.

During the jade, Ke Bingsheng a line in the autonomous region of agriculture department director Xie Zeyu, Yulin municipal Party committee, accompanied by Deputy Secretary Li Changguan investigation of the colorful garden modern agricultural demonstration area city school cooperation projects. (reporter Li Yueqing)

"Yulin daily" April 18, 2015

Editor: Chen Weiguo